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5 benefits of animation marketing that you did not think of!

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

1. Introduce your services, the easy way

In this day of age, nobody likes to read long pages of text, you only have a moment to raise attention. Using animation even the most complicated services could be made easily understandable by everyone, even so you can make it straight out entertaining, let it be a complex dental procedure or showing off your invention that is about to change the world, animation is the way to go.

2. Raising awareness, without pushing it

The greatest benefit of animation, that it visualize your words so it can enter the mind of your future customers without they even realizing it. It stands out of the commercial noise of other kind of video advertisement ruling social media, and snaps people attention.

3. It's cheaper

They saying that animation costs a lot... True to that when you consider a big budget movie from Hollywood, using hundreds or even thousand of animators. However luckily an average company could achieve it‘s goal with a 10-20 seconds long animation, that can be produced for a reasonable price, especially compared to shooting on film.

What expenses you can save on?

  • On Staff: Operator, director, actors, projectionist, recording engineer, editor

  • On Tech: shooting on location, lights, sound equipment, renting the camera, reserving public parcel

4. The set could be whatever you can think of

The greatest benefit of animation, that it‘s not tied to a budget if you want something that would require a smaller division of people or renting a whole public square nor you need invasive medical produce with optic cable to show something going down in the human body or inside a running machine.

5. Easily edited, even post production

Does it ever occur to you, that after testing the outcome with your focus group or just happened to being reviewed by your colleges you wanted to change some detail that would have require start over shooting the whole project again? With animation you would not have such concerns. With little investment you can make the changes to the finalized product for the better merge of added contribution.

We know you have a bunch of other questions, but don’t worry! Now within a completely free consulting you can ask about them. WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATIONS.

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