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Making of the animation, that sells

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

We are aware of animations for marketing intend to attract new customers for your business, that’s why we aim to that final goal from right at the beginning – with your requests in mind - together put your vision to shape. To achieve this, we go through the following steps.:

1. Free Consulting

After proposition we get in touch with you personally or through video chat to align your objectives and with FREE consulting, offer you the best fitting options within your price range. Our goal is to find the most customized solution for your demands that brings you new costumers.

2. Making the story outlines, the screen-play

Once we have the guidelines settled out creative team have a meeting, to create the concept meeting your demands, that we put onto paper immediately. We are tweaking and adjusting this to the point when everyone can be satisfied with the results.

3. Putting it on screen

With the story outlines in place, we create the color range and characters of your custom animation keeping the particular image of your brand and the rest of it’s characteristics up front.

4. Drafting your film in comic-book style

Once we arranged the main creative issues, with the screenplay we create the storyboard, that is basically your commercial written in a comic-book format. The reason for this is visualize the screenplay before the actual animation done.

5. Breath life into the drawings

The peak of creation, and the most exciting part of it to make the characters and the background move. We take excellent care of the job and strive to maximize the concept visually to really blast.

6. Giving the last touches according to your feedback

After we are done with the first raw version we transfer it to you immediately, for your opinion about the completed work. With your feedback we finalize the project to both of our satisfaction to be proud of sharing it.

7. We deliver you the video nicely wrapped up

Ready to be sent, in your requested format we deliver final film to you.

+1 Followup the commercial on it’s way

It is important to us to be satisfied with our work, so we would definitely reach out for you to be informed about how our collective brain child is performing in action. With your feedback we make conclusions and as we did before and continuing this practice we try to improve our working methods so every service we provide would benefit from the experiences we had, making it better.

We know you have a bunch of other questions, but don’t worry! Now within a completely free consulting you can ask about them. WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATIONS.

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